The barrier for those interested in pursuing the American basketball is the difference of the tournament system and its way of other games and like any sport different from the common sport there are also easy laws but not known because of the lack of popularity of the game in the Arab world in general.

But as a human lover of sport in general funky stick to football goal of sports fun competition, I do not want the athlete to be deprived of this pleasure if what prevents him from not knowing the laws or the tournament system from what is meant to cause quick boredom like the boredom that hit you dear reader and you are forced to read my chatter  To get to the "butter" topic

The league is 30 teams from different states divided East and West, the goal of the division size of the United States and the difficulty of travelling teams to other States continuously to play in front of opponents in the games off the ground
The team plays on the west side in front of a team from the east, only one on their land and the second on the opponent's land and plays against the teams of the West 3 or 4 matches 3 games for the geographically farther teams and 4 for the teams closest to him
The difference in the blue, dark, light, and violet bands is the east, but the yellow, the orange, and the red are the difference of the West.

The East teams are: Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, Indiana Bathers, Cleveland Cavelers, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, Vladavia, Sikers, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets, Washington, D.C., Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat
The West teams are: Minstota Tembrolz, Oklahoma City Thunder, Denver, Utah Jazz, Portland Blazers, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden Stist and Warers, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spears, Houston Rockets, New Orleans Pelkins, Memphis Grizales.

All teams play against each other for 6 months. The East teams play against the West teams only twice and the opposite is true and the West teams against the West teams 3 or 4 times according to the distance and the same thing to the East teams
Total games Each team is 82 game

Table of Order 
The ranking table is divided into the east and west the most win wins the point and the loss is zero and there is no tie and in case of tie play extra minutes until break tie.
Whether a team from the West section wins the east or the whole West whether it has the same value

After the end of the 28 games the difference is arranged according to the most winning 8 teams from the West and 8 teams from the east qualify for the so-called play or knockout role

It doesn't matter if a Western team, for example, has more victories than the eighth or seventh place in the east, each section after the end of the games is individually arranged.

We observe in last year's order, for example, that Oklahoma has more victories than Brooklyn, but because Brooklyn east is the one who qualified

After the end of the season starts the playoff 
The first east is playing in front of the eighth East and second East in front of the seventh East and the third in front of sixth and fourth in front of the fifth
The same for the first West in front of the eighth and second in front of the seventh and third in front of the sixth and fourth in front of the fifth
The series consists of 7 matches the winner in 4 matches of which qualify when a team arrives to win the fourth no need to complete the rest of the Games.

And as the system of any championship there is a knockout to play the East teams in front of each other in the knockout system and the same situation in the West and the East champion meet the Western champion in the league final

Game system 
It's two halves every half, which means that the match is 4 quarters each quarter of 12 minutes and the time stops when the play stops and there is a 15 minute rest between every half and 3 minutes between each quarter
The MDB has the right to make unlimited number of substitutions and the player who came out of the switch can return to play
If the same player gets 6 mistakes he gets kicked out of the game and replaces another player no team can play minus the player 
 There are sporadic cases such as technology, the first and two of which expel the player 

Basket game is a football stats game that calculates the number of goals for the player and the number of decisive passes and how much ball repel the guard sometimes

In basketball there are 5 important statistics calculated for the player numbers
Points: Each point recorded by the player and divided into two points for the ordinary basket one point working Group and 3 points from behind the bow
Alsetel: And it is cutting the ball from the opponent if the player cut the ball from his opponent score his steel
The asist: The decisive pass before the point is immediately recorded.
Block: And it is hitting the ball and the opponent in the position of payment and its dimensions
The Riepound: And it's picking up the ball after you bounce from the basket
There are other statistics that the more profound scenes of the Alfeld say which is the ratio of the correct reimbursements for example if a player pays 10 records of which 8 percent of the lead is said 80% as well there is the ring over and it is losing the ball in case of attack before payment

Transitions in basketball
The way the basketball transitions are completely different from football, a club cannot buy contracts with money, so you get a player from the opponent must be a swap process whether it is a player or players player or player vs. Dragat cards etc.
It's important to be a swap even if it's a player for 4 players and two cards.
The other way is to sign with a free player who has finished with Nadia
And the second way is the new player that has never played in the tournament before.

Payroll Ladder System
In America in general and in basketball there is a specific roof every year 
The current salary ceiling is approximately 70 million, the teams are not allowed to exceed their total salaries and they don't pay very high taxes and most teams avoid it. 
Player salaries have a specific ceiling according to years of experience
 The player who played 6 years is entitled to the first less 25% of the salary limit value 
A player who has played 7 to 9 years is entitled to a maximum of 30% of the salary cap value
A player who has played 10 years or more is entitled to a maximum of 35% of the salary cap value 
Calculation Method 6 years or less for example 0.25 hit the payroll Cap value

After we know this simple secondary information we can understand what's going on as we follow the NBA league basketball games.